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J.E.T. Insurance Services

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Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide insurance solutions to individuals, business owners, retirees, and their families in combination with a tax-advantaged framework that maximizes the accumulation, preservation and distribution of their wealth and enables them to live a retirement of financial security, independence and dignity. Unlike many other insurance service firms, we can provide tax-related advice concerning our recommendations.

Our Process

We will become intimately familiar with the details of your economic situation. Just like you work with your physician to diagnose your health issues, set priorities and determine an appropriate course of treatment, we will help you diagnose your estate/retirement insurance needs and recommend and craft the appropriate solutions.

Together, we can build the program that is right for you.

First, we’ll work with you to expand our knowledge of your economic situation and bring to light issues you may not be aware of. We’ll help you set priorities and act promptly on the most urgent issues.

Next, we will craft and implement the solutions that best address your needs. Because we are familiar with your overall economic situation, we are able to offer customized advice that solves each of your estate/retirement insurance needs while looking at the big picture.

We will recommend insurance products only from major insurance carriers that have a strong financial rating.

Finally, we will meet periodically and review your insurance needs. As your life situation changes, we will continually reassess how your existing insurance solutions align with your present and future needs and goals.

Your Economic Profile

We believe that your economic profile is best looked at holistically. We strive to understand how the different pieces of your economic profile fit together.

We will look at the following key areas of your economic profile. Together these key areas will form the basis for our systematic approach to providing trusted advice.

Tax Planning

• How much income tax are you paying each year?
• How many tax-advantaged retirement plans (IRA, 401(k), etc.) do you participate in?
• What tax strategies are you employing as you sell real estate holdings?

Estate Planning

• How will you minimize estate taxes upon your death?
• How would you like your estate handled and by whom?
• When was the last time you reviewed the beneficiaries on your insurance and retirement plans?

Income Protection and Asset Preservation

• How will you pay your bills if you become ill or are injured?
• Which would have a greater economic impact on your family—your death or disability?
• Is your definition of “disability” the same as your insurance carrier’s?

Education Planning

• How much will a four-year college education cost when your children or grandchildren are ready?
• Are your family’s plans for higher education part of your estate planning?

Retirement Planning

• When do you plan to retire?
• How much do you currently contribute to your retirement plans?
• What will your retirement income look like if you or your spouse is alone (divorced or widowed) during retirement?

Business Planning

• Do you know how much your business is worth?
• Do you have a business succession plan in place?
• Is your business protected in case you die, fall ill or become seriously injured?

Special Situations

• How would your economic situation be affected following a divorce?
• If Alzheimer’s strikes you or a loved one, how will you cope?
• How well could your financial resources provide for a dependent with special needs?

Debt Management

• Do you have a debt relief schedule in place to handle your credit card balances and other outstanding loans?
• Have you secured future obligations like a child’s college education?
• Have you reviewed your credit report lately?

Other Matters

• How has your life changed since you last spoke to your insurance professional?
• Do you know of any reasons why your life insurance might lapse?
• When was the last time you reviewed your insurance policies with a CPA, attorney or financial advisor?


J.E.T. Insurance Services is the DBA name of JET Wealth Management, Inc., a Nevada insurance agency (License #867180).

Mr. Troska's individually-held insurance licenses: Nevada (License #571269); California (License #0G46330); Colorado (License #306508); Minnesota (License #40074543)

Neither Mr. Troska nor his entities offer securities or investment management/advisory services.